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EJOT Mixer Nozzle

Manufacturer: EJOT
SKU: 9900105446
£32.80 ex VAT
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The EJOT Mixer Nozzle is designed for precise and efficient mixing of chemical resins. It ensures thorough and consistent blending of resin components, maximizing performance and reliability in anchoring applications.


  • Precise Mixing: The EJOT Mixer Nozzle enables precise and thorough mixing of chemical resins, ensuring proper blending of components for optimal performance

  • Consistent Results: By promoting uniform mixing, the mixer nozzle helps achieve consistent results in anchoring applications, enhancing the reliability and durability of the installations

  • Time and Cost Savings: Efficient mixing with the EJOT Mixer Nozzle saves time during the installation process, improving productivity and reducing labor costs

  • Enhanced Performance: Properly mixed chemical resins result in enhanced bonding and load-bearing capacity, ensuring secure and long-lasting anchor fixings