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Fischer UltraCut US FBS II US - Zinc

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The fischer UltraCut FBS II US is a hex-head concrete screw with a pressed-on washer that features saw tooth geometry, making installation quick and easy. Made from zinc plated carbon steel.


  • Up to 3 embedment depths, the UltraCut FBS II US allows for the same screw to be used for different component thicknesses
  • No drill hole cleaning needed for vertical installation (ceiling and floor). Drill 3x hole diameter deeper for floor fixings
  • Expansion-free anchoring (undercut) allows for lowest edge and axial spacings
  • The special saw tooth geometry enables fast cutting into the concrete
  • The checking gauge allows for reuse in temporary fixings (e.g. inclined supports) covered by the national approval


For fixing guard rails, consoles/base plates, metal profiles, shelving systems, protection barriers and temporary anchoring.