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Spit Pulsa 27E Accessories

Nose pieces, batteries, cleaners & more.
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Pulsa 27E Flat Magnetic Nose Piece

Flat magnetic nose piece for use with the Pulsa 27E cordless gas nailer.

Spit 27E E-Lift Extension Pole

Extension pole for the E-Lift Pole Tool system.

Spit 27E E-Lift Pole Tool

The Spit E-Lift Pole Tool is a safe, fast and comfortable solution for working at height with electrical cable management.

Spit Mini Magnetic Nose Piece

Magnetic nose piece for fast and easy installation of metal cable management fixings, compatible with all standard PULSA E nose pieces.

Spit Pulsa Battery Charger

The Spit All In One Battery Charger is a fast charging system that allows you to charge your battery pack to full capacity in as little as 90 minutes!

Spit Pulsa Lithium Battery

High capacity quick charge lithium battery.

Paslode/Spit Pulsa Cleaning Kit

300ml Spray cleaner and 15ml for all Paslode Impulse and Spit Pulsa tools, which provides effective cleaning your cordless nailer and maintain reliable operation. Regular cleaning and lubrication will also extend part life and provide maximum nail driving power.

Impulse Cleaner

The Impulse cleaner is a spray cleaner specifically designed to clean Paslode and Spit Pulsa tools.

Paslode & Pulsa Lubricating Oil

This lubricating oil keeps your nail guns performing to an optimal standard, and helps to maintain the high-quality performance that SPIT is so well known for. If you’re a professional tradesperson in carpentry, woodwork, or construction and often need to quickly finish tasks that need many nails driven into materials, then this oil helps keep the job moving smoothly.